Olympus OM-D E-M1X: For Whom?

Reviews are pouring in, and one common theme emerges: nobody can quite figure out who the OM-D E-M1X is for. Below, excerpts from a half-dozen reviews.


• Constrained by MFT sensor

• EVF resolution not as high as rivals

Digital Camera World

• “Bulky” for Micro Four Thirds

• “Pricey” for Micro Four Thirds


• It is 2019 and we have learned to expect more, especially from companies that have no higher video market to protect and sadly, OLYMPUS chose to deliver a camera that records 8bit 4:2:0 internally AND when recording to an external device!


• I’m not sure who this camera is for…

The Phoblographer

• I’m not sure who is going to buy this camera

• Image Quality feels lacking

• The focus tracking was all over the place

• Color depth, dynamic range and high ISO output all suffer in comparison to products with cough larger sensors.


• I’m not sure who is going to buy this camera

• Expensive. Incremental improvements. Underwhelming EVF.

• I’m not yet able to say whether the E-M1X merits its roughly $3,000 price tag

Digital Trends

• Expensive for the format

• EVF is lower resolution than the competition

• Larger, heavier than full-frame mirrorless

• Photographers that need that background bokeh or high ISOs will likely want to spend their $3,000 on something with a larger sensor.

Contrast the above with, for example, Chris Niccolls’ response to ‘who is this camera for?’ at the conclusion of his glowing review of the Sony a7 III:

“A lot of people. I mean the camera’s gonna make big waves… A camera like this really pretty much in every way, shape and form blows [the competition] away. The a7 III is now at a price point where it competes with a lot of APS-C cameras and m43 cameras… You gotta ask yourself, for the same price, I can get a full frame camera with all of the thin depth of field and aesthetic that goes with that plus amazing dynamic range and low light performance out of this sensor for a very similar price point. That’s gonna be very appealing…”

Nobody seems to know who the Olympus is aimed at, aside from those already heavily invested in the brand. Does the Olympus blow the competition away? If not, how to explain the exorbitant price tag?

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