Award for Worst YouTuber of the Week

We’ve decided to start handing out awards for the worst YouTuber of the week. It was a tough call, but this week’s prize goes to JSFILMZ for his hilariously incompetent video comparing the skin tones of the Blackmagic Design Pocket 4K to Sony’s a7 III. In his post in the Sony thread (I kid you not!) over at the dvxuser forums, he writes,

I have had a lot of people on my YT channel claim that the A7III would kill the Pocket4k eventhough its mainly a stills camera. I have to see for my self. First Test. Skin Tones with downloadable. [sic]

After which, he shares a short clip of his own comparing the two cameras.

The sample footage from both cameras is way out of whack. In truth, I’ve seen better from ten year-old $700 camcorders. I suggest he learn how to shoot and grade before making derogatory comments like the following, taken from his YouTube channel:

It would really be stupid for sony to still use 8bit on the rumored a7siii. 8bit was eons ago hahahha. But then again you fan boys still who still swear by them. [sic]

Why do trolls like him constantly feel compelled to bash Sony anyhow? Insecurity? How can anyone be so dumb as to upload a video called Panasonic GH5s bokeh? And his contention that a dedicated video camera should shoot better footage than a hybrid camera is utterly preposterous. There is no earthly reason why a hybrid camera can’t record stunning stills as well as gorgeous video. Soon enough, there will be several full frame mirrorless cameras on the market that not only shoot 4K RAW, but which will also have outstanding eye-detect AF, EVF, tiltable LCD screens, weather-sealing, IBIS and scores of other indispensable features not found on the plastic fantastic P4K.

Congratulations, JSFILMZ!

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