Sony a7s III to Feature RAW Video?

All pure speculation, but since Nikon announced at CES that they’re working on adding C-Fast support and ProRes RAW (when paired with the Atomos Ninja V) to their Z cameras, could this mean Sony’s also got something similar in store for their videocentric a7s III?

This is big for several reasons, not least being it shows Nikon is serious about video, but also because it positions the Z cameras as an independent filmmaker’s viable full frame alternative to Blackmagic’s plastic fantastic Pocket 4K, with its diminutive m4/3 sensor and which until now has been the only truly affordable consumer camera to shoot 4K RAW.

The compact form factor of hybrid cameras like the Z, along with features like AF-C, IBIS, weather sealed bodies along with countless other advantages like a firmware update which will add eye AF should make potential P4K buyers think twice. Oh, I almost forgot to mention – the Nikons also shoot gorgeous stills. hehe

Atomos works closely with all the major manufacturers, among them Panasonic, Canon and Sony; and I would find it incredible if Sony hasn’t already discussed adding ProRes RAW to the a7s III with Atomos. Sony has already added ProRes Raw to their FS5 cameras.

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