Sony a7s III Chroma Noise

Brandon Li, in the BTS (9:00) of the "Crossroads" video he made for Sony, says there's noise even at relatively low ISOs. Could it be that Sony is just using less aggressive processing than in their other less video-centric alpha cameras? Not a few filmmakers complained in the past of not being able to lessen the amount... Continue Reading →

G Master In the House!

I just added the 135mm f/1.8 GM to my collection, my favorite focal length for portraiture. When I used to shoot micro four-thirds, my go-to was the Olympus 75mm f/1.8, still among the sweetest lenses in their lineup., as well as being an outstanding value. Best of all, I snatched the GM for $500.00 less... Continue Reading →

The Ultimate Video Shootout

These fellas are real working professionals who shoot every conceivable type of video - real estate, product photography, fitness, travel, corporate, weddings, interviews - you know, the kind of stuff we do to put food on the table when we're not shooting the next Netflix series. In the video, Parker Walbeck says "I wouldn't recommend... Continue Reading →

If You Watch Just One a7s III Review…

This is it! Crispy a7s III XAVC HS 4K 100FPS footage, a fair and balanced review (English subs). Thirty minutes of review interspersed with gentle, lovely slow motion footage, the first I've seen that is neither heavily graded nor over-sharpened, that demonstrates the outstanding dynamic range of the camera. I would have liked to see... Continue Reading →

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