DPR Editor Pulls Fast One

In an earlier post, we copy and pasted a statement by DPR technical editor Richard Butler in which he denies that Canon had designed the R5 and R6 to be professional video tools and explicitly denying that Canon was marketing them as such. But looking at the article again today, we were startled to discover that Butler had stealthily inserted the word primarily into the text. Perhaps he was shamed into doing so after seeing Canon Europe’s press release that I linked to in the comments section.

It should be noted that Canon did not design either the EOS R5 or R6 to be professional video tools, nor does it primarily market them as such.

The question of whether Canon allocated 90% of its advertising budget or 20% toward hoodwinking its customers is a moot point. Readers skeptical that Butler altered the text are invited to compare my earlier copy and paste of the original text with that over at EOSHD‘s story and you’ll see that they both contain the identical grammatical error. Be that as it may, we dedicate today’s blog post to all the Richard Butlers of the world – offering an English translation of the English copy of Canon Europe’s R5 English language press release.

“the EOS R5 [Canon mirrorless camera] is an ideal [most suitable for a task] lead camera [the primary camera on a set] for many productions but also, given its compatibility with cinema workflows, the camera will shoot comfortably on high-end [high quality, highly paid] production sets [includes film and TV production, television commercials, web commercials, corporate videos, product videos, marketing videos, event videos, wedding video.] ”

There is little question that the cripple hammer was a deliberate choice. Two things that are totally unacceptable in a cinema camera are line-skipping and overheating issues. And it is not up for debate that Canon claimed the R5 would be an ideal lead camera on high-end productions. An entire page of Canon Europe’s website alone is devoted to the camera’s video prowess. It is not ordinary hyperbole. Hyperbole is exaggerated claims not to be taken literally. Canon’s UK, USA and European websites all name specific use cases at which the camera is said to excel – from commercials, dramas and documentaries – down to the very model numbers of the cinema cameras it is supposed to be able to partner with. Canon unmistakably targeted professional filmmakers with the R5. The question remains: why?

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