4K HQ = 8K

It’s nearly impossible to tell the difference between 8K and oversampled 4K HQ. Save some hard drive space and shoot 4K HQ 170Mbps rather than 8K 680Mbps.

“The future of TV is in better pixels, not just more of them,” Neil Hunt, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer, said speaking with Digital Spy.

On this front, and with the benefits of cramming more pixels into the same size panel almost undetectable to the human eye, he added: “8K is only interesting if you’re going to sit too close to the TV.”

In fact, a double blind study by Warner Brothers showed most consumers can’t distinguish between 4K and 8K. Most Hollywood movies are still finished in 2K and for now at least, 8K is primarily an acquisition format, not a delivery one.

Legendary DP Roger Deakins shot 1917 with the Arri Mini LF, a 13.8 megapixel full frame camera; and the deliriously beautiful Blade Runner 2049 was filmed with cameras whose sensors have as few as 7.5 megapixels. Have a look and tell me what you think.

The philosophy of the visionaries at Netflix is nearly identical to that of one of the most respected names in filmmaking, Arri. They both also happen to embrace HDR for its incomparably greater contribution to image quality than 8K.

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