a7s III Vastly More Popular Than R5

Some alarmists are saying Sony must immediately respond to Canon’s salvo by launching their own 8K mirrorless, but shouldn’t the real question be: shouldn’t Canon develop an a7s III-like camera with insane ISO 16000 see-in-the-dark ability, 4K 120p no line-skipping, 13 stops of dynamic range, no two-hour recovery times after shooting for twenty minutes, a rugged full HDMI out, an option to record computer-friendly H.264 and an unequalled choice of affordable lenses?

There’s a tendency among photographers to think the more pixels the better, but in filmmaking, it’s not so cut-and-dried: and almost unanimously, filmmakers would prefer 4K overampled from 6K or even 5.1K rather than unmanageable 8K files. Shooters accustomed to 100Mbit/s XAVC footage are in for a rude awakening when they try to work with 8K C RAW 2600Mbit/s data rate!

In a totally random unscientific sampling of YouTube channels that reviewed both cameras, interest in the Sony among viewers far exceeds that of the Canon – by as much as 4:1! The DPReview channel has a greater percentage of photographers than the other video-centric channels, which accounts for the difference in viewership, but the a7s III still edges out. Filmmakers evaluate the system as a whole – they don’t just shop around for the device with the greatest number of pixels.

Over at DPReview, visits to Sony reviews and previews outnumber the Canon 1.7:1.

And in an online poll of 2,000 respondents, Sony crushed Canon!

Every Sony release generates more excitement than any other mirrorless brand. Sony has been overwhelmed with preorders for the a7s III to the point that they can’t even keep up with demand even though their factories are functioning at full capacity. So the next time a photographer says, ‘but it’s only 12 megapixels!’, gently remind them that John Toll shot the insanely beautiful Sense8 on five continents using the 8.9 megapixel Sony PMW-F55 along with Sony a7s II mirrorless cameras mounted on vehicles and that Roger Deakins filmed Blade Runner 2049 and 1917 on low megapixel count Arris.

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