Scene Referred vs. Display Referred Part II

What's the difference between scene-referred and display-referred grading? Stefan Ringelschwandtner, on his website Mononodes, explains it very clearly with simple diagrams. He writes: "The easiest scene referred workflow is to transform the image from LOG to Rec709 color space at the very end of your node tree – e.g. Timeline level. And do the grading... Continue Reading →

Scene Referred or Display Referred?

We're in the middle of comparing REDWideGamutRGB/Log3G10 and Rec.2020 ST2084 as the timeline color space. There's definitely a difference between how the two feel, we're just trying to decide which we prefer. Which one do you like working with?

Walter Volpatto on Film Grain

"Unfortunately, I'm changing my mind on grain and I'll explain why. First of all, I love grain. I love the idea of grain; and for me, it reminds me of film. I mean, there is really nothing more obvious than grain to tell you this has been shot on film, and Interstellar was shot on... Continue Reading →

No Love for Film Grain

"I've got no great love lost for film grain and I think I can say I think I've managed to go all of 2022 without using film grain once. It's something you know, if the client says, 'Hey, we're doing film grain, give me your best version of it', then my answer is of course... Continue Reading →

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