A Remarkable HDR Short Film

Now this is something truly unique. Be sure to follow the link in the description to learn how the video was made.

“I hope you enjoyed this litte tech demonstration. If you experienced strong banding, it is in the nature of the underwater shots that really make them look horrible with 8-bit and the high YouTube compression. Depending on the screen you are watching this on, banding can ruin the experience and for those with inky displays we don’t want to ruin the experience by crushing the blacks. This is why we also released an HDR version that can handle subtle darkness much better, so, if you are experiencing strong banding… please watch the HDR version. Our attempts to grade the footage to HDR and make it look good on YouTube were… let’s say insufficient, so I am very happy to have gotten help from a new friend of the Media Division … Filippo Cinotti from Plasma Production. He graded the short in HDR that assigns way more data to the shadows and improves the experience. We made that the native 6:4 aspect ratio, too. Technically, this has to be a stand-alone version, and if you want to watch that, I’ll put a link in the corner and in the description.” – Nikolas Moldenhauer, Media Division

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