Walter Volpatto on Why He Doesn’t Do Secondaries on Skin

Walter Volpatto on why he doesn’t do secondary corrections on skin.

“I do not do [a] secondary on the skin. For me, when I do balance, it means that the main actress – balance, color, skin tone – has to be right. Then I do everything else. There is no reason for me to make the white white, the black black, if the skin tone of the main character is not right. Think about it: who tells the story? the main character. I don’t give a damn if the black is not black, I need her to look good in this particular shot.”

Walter Volpatto

So why does he have a skin node?

“Because, especially in TV, people ask you to do a little refinement on the skin of an actress. For example, take away a little bit of the wrinkles, pimples, you know, this little detail they sometimes ask you to do. So I want a node where I can just select the skin and do whatever I want to do with it; and I actually have used quite extensively the beauty plug-in from Resolve. I think it’s fast [and] gives you a pretty good result.”

Walter Volpatto

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