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I only watched I Came By on Netflix because DIT Alix Milan and Kit Fraser (DoP) were two of the expert panelists at an HDR demo sponsored by Dolby at the BSC Expo last Friday. As it happens, the entire picture came off like an advert for Scatter, a plugin highly recommended over at the... Continue Reading →

HDR Panelist Calls Colorists Children

At a BSC panel on HDR back in 2016, a speaker loses his mind over what will become of all of his beloved muddy DVDs and Blu-rays once they are remastered in high dynamic range, condescendingly referring to professional colorists as 'kids'. ARRI colorist Florian 'Utsi' Martin, sitting beside him, looks very uncomfortable.

HDR Requires Larger LUTs

JD Vandenberg, Director of Post Production @ The Walt Disney Studios, found that 33X33X33 LUTs developed for SDR are too small for working with HDR footage. So what’s the minimum size 3D LUT required to minimize visual artifacts in PQ HDR content? Vandenberg’s study concluded that 10-bit material necessitates the use of LUTs that are... Continue Reading →

Ganglands: Finally, A Commendable HDR Release

We love us some gritty French action crime drama, and Julien Leclercq's Ganglands (Netflix) doesn't disappoint. The HDR presentation is very effective but, like too many HDR shows, the blacks are crushed, which doesn't bother us at all in this series, but it might annoy some. In season 2, there are countless shots where the actors’ faces... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Want BT.2020

"To be honest, the full gamut of 2020, I don't think we're ever going to see it. 95% of the Pointer's gamut, which covers most of the naturally reflected colors in nature - trees, fruits, skin tones and everything - it's about P3, it's slightly larger than P3. Those primaries of 2020 gamut and with... Continue Reading →

Jarred Land Announces KOMODO Monochrome

On his Instagram page, Jarred Land announced the long awaited KOMODO Monochrome. The s35 6K camera has around double the sensitivity of the original Komodo and should be able to record as much as 20% more detail. With the traditional Bayer pattern color filter array (CFA) found in most cinema cameras, each pixel captures only... Continue Reading →

DCI: Colorists Have An Aversion To Colors Beyond P3

When the DCI (Digital Cinema Initiatives), a joint venture of Disney, Paramount, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Universal and Warner Bros. Studios, published its recommendations for next-gen HDR theatrical presentation in High Dynamic Range D-Cinema Addendum Version 1.0, a black level of 0.005 cd/m2 and peak brightness of 300 cd/m2, for an overall contrast ratio of 60000:1,... Continue Reading →

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