You Don’t Want BT.2020

“To be honest, the full gamut of 2020, I don’t think we’re ever going to see it. 95% of the Pointer’s gamut, which covers most of the naturally reflected colors in nature – trees, fruits, skin tones and everything – it’s about P3, it’s slightly larger than P3. Those primaries of 2020 gamut and with tone mapping and 10,000 nit… you don’t achieve that. It’s unachievable. A green laser: are we gonna really talk about the artistic intent of a green laser in the background in some fireworks or something like this? I don’t think so. […] I would consider to all this paranoia of, “No, we want the 2020, we want to do it fully,” and so on – no you don’t. What you need to do is as good as you can, at least P3. Go in a little bit of the boundaries of P3 D65, that’s totally fine. But that’s what you really want to do, because that’s what the people getting at home in the best cases, that’s what a consumer TV can do. Even the 30K monitors that we have, they don’t do all the 2020, it’s impossible. I have a projector here in the cinema that does the green primary of 2020 and you cannot imagine how fluorescent that is. It’s just unreal.” – Pablo Garcia Soriano, Colour Supervisor, Managing Director, CROMORAMA

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  1. As with most things technical, the lowest common denominator is where something becomes good enough. P3 1000nit is completely satisfactory for consumer HDR. Maybe videogames and animated movies push beyond that.

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