Financial Review: Atomos settled sexual harassment suit, made staff ‘drugs mule’

According to reporting by the Financial Review, employees at Atomos confirmed the existence of a drug culture at the tech company, writing:

“Atomos agreed to pay out $60,000 to a staff member who alleged a former employee sexually harassed her and expected her to make cocaine and cannabis available to staff, amplifying the troubled tech company’s reputation as a “boys club”. Atomos settled with Pamela Bloom in 2017, after her attorneys threatened to pursue a lawsuit against the company, though Ms Bloom claims she has only been paid two-thirds of the settlement. Ms Bloom was hired by Atomos as a travelling sales and brand representative in 2015, in a role otherwise known as a “road warrior”. She alleges she soon came to understand that part of her role was to ensure that cannabis and cocaine were available to certain Atomos employees. Other employees within the company have confirmed that it was common practice for some to request cocaine and cannabis.

Atomos responded to questions regarding the settlement and pointed out that “procuring illicit drugs or expressing concerns about a ‘drinking culture’ at the company” did not feature “as part of the former employee’s claim”. “Atomos is surprised that this matter has been raised several years after it was settled and suspect that it has been done so by a third party with vexatious motives,” the company said in a statement.”

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