At Last! A Metric To Describe The Color Volume Of WCG Displays

Since the ICDM has unequivocally endorsed gamut rings and the CIELAB color gamut volume for display measurement, it is hoped that we will see more meaningful comparisons of the actual color volume between different displays in the future, as current methods are meaningless for today’s televisions, monitors, tablets, phones and laptops.

From the Information Display Measurements Standard:

“The chromaticity gamut area has been inappropriately referred to as “color gamut” for many years. In addition, it has been plausibly claimed that u’v’ area is more appropriate than xy area because of the nominal uniformity of the u’v’ chromaticity diagram. However, perceptual color differences in the u’v’ diagram depend on luminance. Color is three dimensional. In addition, the chromaticity gamut area metric significantly over- estimates the color capability of non-additive display systems. The ICDM now recommends the use of CIELAB color gamut volume and gamut ring metrics as described in Section 5.32. Please also refer to tutorial Chapter 21 on color metrology.”

Header photo credit: IDMS

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