Here's another video of old downtown Daejeon, shot during the hottest summer on record. An LED neon roof is being constructed down the main shopping drag, so walkways were even more congested than usual. Be sure to watch in HD! http://youtu.be/kod47Q-eIXg Free background music from JewelBeat.com "Taso's Hasapiko" by Raya Brass Band

The Daejeon Orphanage

Ever since my first trip to Vietnam, I'd been thinking of doing some type of community service. So when Joseph Chon, the director of the SolGeo Dormitory, asked if I'd like to lead a group of student volunteers at the Daejeon orphanage, I jumped at the opportunity. http://youtu.be/ESs985gPkMQ Free background music from JewelBeat.com

SolBridge Culture Day 2012

On Friday afternoon, SolBridge International School of Business celebrated its annual culture day. Naturally, your intrepid local correspondent was there to capture all the ruckus and excitement. Students wore traditional clothes, performed on stage and invited attendees to sample their local cuisine. In the clip below, you can see some of the colorful outfits worn by... Continue Reading →

‘Café Noir’ 2-DVD Release Date

Mark this date in your calendars - June 9th. Yes, that's the day Café Noir will at last be available on DVD. Admittedly, we're not a little disappointed that we won't be getting a shiny Blu-ray in our greedy little mitts, but hey, this isn't The Avengers or anything! There have been petitions for a limited edition Blu-ray by... Continue Reading →


If you ask anyone what the single greatest innovation to come out of Korea is, you’re likely to hear many responses - hallyu, kimchi, Samsung’s blazingly fast Galaxy Note, “Sandglass”, the towering masterpiece of Korean television drama that transfixed an entire nation back in 1995, or even Kakao Talk, the amazing mobile messenger service I... Continue Reading →

Dentistry in Korea

Korea has exceptional dental care, but beware of aggressive treatments that are primarily cosmetic. While fillings are covered under health insurance plans, root canals and crowns are not, and unscrupulous dentists often perform unnecessary procedures on unwitting patients. I'm publishing a letter I sent to my dentist back home a couple of years ago after I... Continue Reading →

The Busan Chronicles, Part 1

I found the first of my letters chronicling my initial impressions of Korea. I have to cringe when I read it now. October 26, 2007 Hello everybody! At last, here's a brief report of everything that's happened to me since arriving in this fair country. Read on. THE JOURNEY The flight to Tokyo was the... Continue Reading →

The Busan Chronicles, Part 2

I've decided to publish the seven or so letters I wrote documenting my experiences in Busan, where I lived for three years before coming to Daejeon. The very first letter appears to be lost. 20 November, 2007 It's already been one month that I've been living and working in Korea. The weather is becoming chilly... Continue Reading →

Café Noir Headed for Blu-Ray?

I love actor Shin Ha-gyun and just about every film he's ever acted in, including the TV drama Brain. By the way, the entire drama has been subtitled and posted on YouTube, so I have some catching up to do! Anyhow, Korean film critic Jeong Seong-Il's debut film Café Noir (2009), which only got a domestic... Continue Reading →

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