The Adventures of a Couch Potato in Itaewon

Although I’ve lived here for five years, I hardly ever get around to going to Seoul. Many friends couldn’t believe I’d never even been to┬áItaewon. Well, this weekend I went with a few co-workers and of course, I brought along my camcorder to share all the hoopla with my faithful readers. Free background music from… Read More

SolBridge Culture Day 2012

On Friday afternoon, SolBridge┬áInternational School of Business celebrated its annual culture day. Naturally, your intrepid local correspondent was there to capture all the ruckus and excitement. Students wore traditional clothes, performed on stage and invited attendees to sample their local cuisine. In the clip below, you can see some of the colorful outfits worn by… Read More

Im Sang-Soo to Press: “Only Koreans Can Understand My Film”

Has Korean director/provocateur Im Sang-soo gone off his rocker? First, he lashed out at the Korean film industry, which he says is only interested in churning out Hollywood-type blockbusters, and now he’s gone and trashed the Cannes film festival for not recognizing the obvious genius of his latest potboiler, The Taste of Money. Im told… Read More

Yonsei Prof Accuses Kim Yu-na of Playing Hooky

The unfavorable attention Kim Yu-na has been receiving in the press lately, far from discrediting her brilliant career, rather illustrates the fickle nature of fame and success in Korea, and can only tarnish whatever esteem her renown has brought to the “land of the morning calm”. Since May 8, Kim has been teaching at a… Read More