Im Sang-Soo to Press: “Only Koreans Can Understand My Film”

Has Korean director/provocateur Im Sang-soo gone off his rocker? First, he lashed out at the Korean film industry, which he says is only interested in churning out Hollywood-type blockbusters, and now he’s gone and trashed the Cannes film festival for not recognizing the obvious genius of his latest potboiler, The Taste of Money. Im told the Korean press that his loss was a personal “tragedy”, adding that foreigners were incapable of understanding his salacious tale about the private lives of the super-rich. Of the 22 films in competition this year, Im’s managed to rank the lowest, according to Screen International’s aggregate of the most respected critics worldwide. Im speculated aloud to the Korean press that his failure to walk away with the coveted Palme d’Or might have been because his next project is to be a searing indictment of Caucasians. As a parting salvo, the auteur said he has nothing but “contempt for Asian movies that are always invited to European festivals and meet the expectations of the West”, and that he should no longer participate. Amen!

Source: The Korea Times

Note: It would appear that MBC has beaten Im to the punch.

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