Shin Ha Gyoon is an Arrogant Neurosurgeon in “Brain”


“Brain”, the Korean hospital drama about a pair of young rival neurosurgeons, started airing in November. I’ve only watched six episodes so far, but I can report that it is very engaging. It might interest readers because it stars none other than Shin Ha Gyoon, the wonderful actor in Save the Green Planet, Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and a bunch of other great movies. I don’t watch many dramas these days, but whenever I do, I have to marvel at the production values of some of the better ones. Highly recommended! Also, if you haven’t seen the period action drama Chuno yet, what are you waiting for? A while back, I think YesAsia was selling it for around $70.00. Let’s just say that if you liked The Good, the Bad, and the Weird, it’s like 15 hours of similarly high quality entertainment, and truth be told, I enjoyed it more!

I’ve been eagerly awaiting a DVD release of Cafe Noir which, if it is ever made available, will be cherished alongside the collections of Kim Ki Young and Lee Man Hee as an original work that dares to depart from the mass of indistinguishable trash that Korean cinema has become. Poongsan is another work that stands out from the rest, but which has received a DVD release, though, like Cafe Noir, it is not without its flaws. Cafe Noir’s one blemish is an overlong running time, while Poongsan’s is the lead actress, who is unlikely to evoke any sympathy from the viewer.

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