Four Steps to Good Skin Tones

Custom white balance with the X-Rite Colorchecker.Calibrate your grading monitor.Be sure to use Leeming LUT Pro.Adjust color temperature, tint and saturation before adding any looks.

Get Consistently Good Exposures with HLG

I still see filmmakers struggling with exposure shooting HLG with their GH5. In order to get consistent results, be sure to set your zebras at 90% - this should help avoid clipping of the red channel. Next, using a white balance card like the X-Rite ColorChecker, reduce exposure just until the zebras disappear. You should... Continue Reading →

Paul Leeming Releases Fixie LUT

Final Cut Pro users need no longer be left out in the cold when using the Leeming LUT as a result of not being able to select proper data levels. The Fixie LUT is designed to be applied to footage before the Leeming LUT and is available for free download here. Without Fixie LUT (L),... Continue Reading →

Still at Work on Shooting Models with LED Lights

Here's a frame grab from the project I'm working on now - shooting models with LED lights. Lumix GH5, Olympus 75mm f/1.8, HLG, 400Mbps, ALL-I, ISO 500, Lishuai 700RSV For those who are interested, here are screen grabs of the waveform scopes before and after applying the Leeming LUT at 100%.

Shooting Models Using Natural Light

I’m at work on several projects at once: how to shoot models using natural light and how to shoot HLG and use the Leeming LUT in post. The frame grabs below were shot with HLG, 400Mbps, ALL-Intra, ISO 400. Leeming LUT applied, no color correction in post.

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