Lumix G85: Massive Bonus Video

Because the original one was way too dark, I've gone ahead and reuploaded my previous video with comparisons between the Rode VideoMic Pro and the built-in microphone of the Lumix G85, along with some tap to focus tests and more rambling on about exposing to the right. This new video also looks at the RodeLink... Continue Reading →

Leeming LUT One

For years, I'd been struggling to get good skin tones and dynamic range from my GH3 and GH4 cameras using the Natural photo style with contrast dialed all the way down and applying LUTs in post. So when I purchased the G85 a few months ago, I decided to give Standard profile a chance, trying... Continue Reading →

The Ideal Vlogging Setup?

Te Very few lenses in the m43 catalogue have impressed me as much as the Leica DG Summilux 12mm f/1.4. First of all, it is exceedingly difficult to design a micro four thirds lens of such parameters; and while there have been several very good wide angle primes designed for the system, none have exactly smashed... Continue Reading →

Zhiyun Crane Jitter Problem Addressed

In previous posts, I wrote that my gimbal was experiencing serious shake, even after the stabilizer had been properly balanced and calibrated. This effectively meant that I was without a camera for the whole of my two-week trip to George Town and Langkawi, Malaysia. Every single clip was ruined with jitter issues, which I posted... Continue Reading →

Gimbal Issues

A distraught forum member over at EOSHD, who has already purchased two Zhiyun Cranes, posted this video, saying the gimbal isn't operating normally when in inverted mode. I suggested he hold the stabilizer by the handle, not by the pan motor! 🙂

Zhiyun Assistant App Gets Snazzy New Look

The Zhiyun Assistant App interface has gotten a fresh new look, and it isn't all purely cosmetic. The app now shows remaining battery life in a large, easy-to-read dial. The buttons to access calibration, firmware upgrades, stabilizer settings and remote control functions are all there, but they are now larger and grouped conveniently together at... Continue Reading →

After Installing Firmware v1.51, Crane Still Unstable

I wrote yesterday that installing firmware update v1.50 to increase gimbal payload capacity to 1,800 grams made using the Crane unusable for camera/lens combinations weighing under 1,500 grams. Zhiyun Tech responded quickly, recommending I reinstall firmware v1.51. I installed the firmware this morning and shot a little video, and the shakiness is still there. Apparently,... Continue Reading →

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