Zhiyun Crane Jitter Problem Addressed

zhiyun-assistant-appIn previous posts, I wrote that my gimbal was experiencing serious shake, even after the stabilizer had been properly balanced and calibrated. This effectively meant that I was without a camera for the whole of my two-week trip to George Town and Langkawi, Malaysia. Every single clip was ruined with jitter issues, which I posted the other week. This afternoon, I received an email from Rose Tang at the Zhiyun Tech Service department,  informing me of a new feature in the Zhiyun Assistant app, which is enabled with firmware update v1.52. If you scroll to the bottom of the Stabilizer Settings menu, you can choose between three motor strengths: weak, medium and strong. As I understand it, weak is for camera/lens combinations weighing under 500 grams, medium is for combinations up to 1,200 grams or so, and strong is for systems weighing up to 1,700 or 1,800 grams. As soon as I received the email, I went ahead and connected the app to my gimbal and selected ‘medium’, since I was experiencing shake when shooting with my Lumix GH4 and Sigma 30mm f/1.4 DC DN, a very lightweight lens. You can see the results in the clip below, taken from my apartment window. There is still some shake from my unsteady hands, and a little jitter is visible if you look in the corners of the image, but I think this is a small improvement. As I’ve said before, for static shots, a gimbal is no replacement for a good tripod. I will be going to Penang again in ten days, so this is a godsend. Once again, a huge ‘thank you!’ to Rose, who has always responded to my enquiries, and in this case, even wrote me after I’d stopped emailing for a while.

Update: After looking at this post, Rose emailed again to say there is still a 90% possibility that the jitter is caused by incorrect mounting, and asked me to send a video showing how I mount the camera to the stabilizer. Frustrating, because I’ve been going through so much turmoil to get the gimbal to work, but encouraging, because apparently the gimbal should be able to hold the camera rock-steady, even for locked-off shots. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi! Based on such elaborate feedback here, I got hooked to this model (Zhiyun Crane) and purchased it about a week ago. After a) installing “Zhiyun Assistant” on my Android cellphone, b) updating the Crane firmware to the latest version (1.52), and c) selecting “heavy” on the “Zhiyun Assistant”, there was absolutely no problems in using the gimbal for heavy loads up to 1700gms. Camera Sony A7R2 with vintage manual lenses (e.g, Canon FD 35-105mm 3.5F, FD 70-210mm F4 etc), FD to FE mount adapter, Rode Videomicpro microphone… I am totally satisfied with this gimbal. Thank you very much!!

    I noticed that there is a facility on “Zhiyun Assistant”, so as to select the applicable camera-type – either Sony or Panasonic GH4. Have you tried using the same – by running a miniUSB cable between the gimbal at the camera? Kindly advice. Thanks once again!

    1. Hi Ramankant Hegdge, and you’re welcome! I’m happy you are satisfied with your purchase. After reading my last post about the gimbal, Rose over at Zhiyun Tech suggested changing the setting to ‘heavy’ and using the supplied lens support, even though my camera/lens combination does not even begin to approach the 1,200 gram mark. I did go ahead and make the changes, but I haven’t had a chance to try it out, since I’ve been busy testing out the Voigtlander Nokton 17.5 mm. Once the gimbal is working properly, I’ll certainly have a look at the new features offered in the most recent firmware update.

      1. Hi! Thanks for your prompt reply. To mention a bit more that I noticed now, after my purchase of this Crane model:

        The rudimentary grub-screws on this model for balancing adjustment are slightly inconvenient, in comparison to other equivalent models like DS1 by AFI (440USD only – by someone in China today!), DS1 by Beholder, DS1 by Ikan, MG lite by Feiyutech, Single by CameTV, 4100Lite by Nebula….. However, Zhiyuntech seems to have a slightly better reputation.

        I am not very happy about single-hand holding. Therefore, I have now Ordered the accessory double-handle grip. Hope it will be more convenient. Incidentally, this grip appears to hold the gimbal at the middle of the battery-compartment (just below the Yaw-motor), which is a better arrangement than the other models which get their grips attached at the very bottom of the battery-compartment, (via the screwed hole there).

  2. Hi, i’m an Italian director and filmmaker. I’ve buy a Zhiyun Cran from Amazon but i have the same issue that you have. If i use my sony a6300 with 16-50 stabilized i have no problem. But if i use the a6300 with my Sigma Art 24mm canon with sigma adapter mc-11 i have your same issue. Have you solved? Thanks for your tests and your sharing. Paolo

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