To GH4 Owners: Do Not Update Zhiyun Crane to Firmware v1.50 5D RC2!

Almost three weeks ago, an acquaintance of mine, a filmmaker, sent me an urgent text, informing me that Zhiyun had just posted a firmware update for the Crane enabling camera/lens combinations weighing up to 1,800 grams, and requested that I download it immediately  so he could try it out with his Canon 5D. I went ahead and installed the update, not realizing that I would no longer be able to fly my Lumix GH4, since the new firmware does not work with payloads below 1,200 grams. I only just discovered this when on a two-week vacation in Penang, where I’d hoped to capture some images of the unique colonial architecture in George Town. I’ve sent some clips to Zhiyun Tech service, but haven’t heard back from them yet. If there is no workaround, I may be stuck with nothing but an expensive paperweight.

Update, 24/11: Zhiyun Tech reached out to me immediately upon learning of the issue and offered a simple fix. If you already installed the Canon firmware on your Crane but intend to use camera/lens combinations weighing under 1,500 grams, go to the Zhiyun Tech website, download and install Crane Firmware Update v1.51 and your gimbal should work fine. This only reaffirms my belief that Zhiyun Tech’s customer support is second to none.

2 thoughts on “To GH4 Owners: Do Not Update Zhiyun Crane to Firmware v1.50 5D RC2!

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  1. Has there been an update since this? I often use a payload under 1500 grams, but I’m not seeing version 1.51? Just a 1.50 (5D version i believe) and the 1.52? Is the 1.52 an updated version of 1.51 that addresses this same issue? THanks!

    1. Yes, I don’t have the Crane with me at the moment, but I believe v.1.52 is the latest firmware. v.1.50 is no longer available as far as I know.

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