Canon Stock Plummets

It seems like Canon are shooting themselves in the foot charging so much for their cameras. In Vietnam, they're asking $5,000.00 for the EOS R5, $1,500.00 more than the Sony a7s III, universally regarded as the superior video camera. Social media is blowing up with reports of the Canons overheating and rumors of recalls and... Continue Reading →

Sony a7s III

I worried that without an optical low pass filter, the 12 megapixel sensor of the a7s III would suffer from artifacts that are all but impossible to remove in post. But Sony claims their new processor is supposed to help suppress moire and artifacts, and after watching Manny Ortiz's video I was speechless at how... Continue Reading →

More a7s III Rumored Specs

A few of the latest a7s III specs rumors from SAR, this time from several unproven sources. AF system is the almost the same as a7r44K RAW output yes, but not sure if it supports 4K 120fps RAW output.Firmware is not available, apparently Atomos is working on it to support a7sIII’s hdmi signal.Screen: Touch function... Continue Reading →

R6 Dynamic Range?

The rumored price of the a7s III is $3,500.00. Throw in an Atomos, cables, batteries, SSD, cage and magic arm and we’re looking at $4,500.00. Let’s be straight: we weren’t demanding full HDMI out, XLR inputs, false color or vectorscopes - all that most hybrid video shooters were asking for was a darn flippy screen,... Continue Reading →

EOS R5 vs. Cinema Camera Unpacked

A few weeks ago, after learning about the R5, I rushed to my local camera dealer to inquire when it would be available. He responded by saying he had an open box Canon C200 for just $5,000.00, like new, with full manufacturer’s warranty. I’ve seen what this camera can do and it’s pretty amazing. But... Continue Reading →

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