Irene Rudnyk’s Review of the EOS R5 & R6

I almost didn’t watch Irene’s video, because I’m mostly interested in video and she’s a stills photographer. So glad I didn’t pass it up! First, what a talented photographer she is! There’s a few seconds of video beginning at around 13.00 and that’s what got me thinking… That is, after being blown away by her lovely painting with light and the phenomenally detailed images taken with the R5 and 85mm f/1.2.

Anyhow… Maybe I don’t need the R5 after all. Do I really need 8K RAW? Do I want to spend a fortune for CFexpress cards? RAW is awesome if you’re good at color grading, but the fact is that most video shooters can’t handle RAW. The clips Irene shared shot with the R6 look simply sensational, with nice skin tones and no evidence of ugly digital artifacts or over-sharpening. All I need is a camera with good ergonomics, fast and accurate autofocus, a flippy screen and good IBIS that shoots 10-bit 4:2:2 log internal. The R6 looks like it ticks all the boxes. I might just pick up the 85mm f/1.2 and call it a day!

3 thoughts on “Irene Rudnyk’s Review of the EOS R5 & R6

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  1. It’s true that the R6 seems to be a great device: great for video and enough Mpx for stills. Will be very good in low light.
    If we put aside the anecdotic 8K, the R5 does not offer much more.
    Bad point for both: no AppleProRes internal. Still difficult to edit H265…

    The A7siii will be only for video without being a true cinema camera…

    1. Yeah, the colors are looking great, I’m not seeing any ugly artifacts or over-sharpening; it’s got dual pixel AF II, a flippy screen and good ergonomics… I might pass on the R5… hehe It’ll be great to work with 10-bit log. I might just pick up the 85mm f/1.2 and call it a day! 😅

  2. Certainly!
    On my side, I will have to stick on the XT3 for the moment (very capable camera also) but the R6 is very appealing. Eager to watch R6 footage.

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