The R5 Is Not an 8K Camera!

3 thoughts on “The R5 Is Not an 8K Camera!

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  1. The R5 8K is a marketing.
    They make pay a functionnality that is unusable.

    The A7SIII is more serious.
    The R5 is hybrid.

    Don’t know why none of them records AppleProRes internally.
    Because of the partnership with Atomos?

    These products don’t give enough for their price.
    When I watch what the XT3 can deliver…

    1. The R5 looks like it’s going for over $5,000 here; while the a7s III might be around $3,500. I would not buy the R5 for $10 if I’ve got to shoot in mushy 4K. So the Sony is the only FF mirrorless that records full sensor readout uncropped 4K 60p and 120p. The reason they stuck with 12mpx is because a 6K sensor would have generated too much heat when oversampling.

      1. I prefer the A7SIII (or R6) view point than the R5.
        Sony “simply” made a solid 4K product.
        What may be interesting is an A7SIII – R6 side by side on simple 24/25 framerate.

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