EOS R5 Most Overlooked Feature

Most of the discussion surrounding video with the R5 has concerned 8K and overheating but one feature that deserves more attention by both casual shooters and enthusiasts alike is HDR PQ video.

Traditionally, hybrid shooters had two choices: (1) recording either RAW or log and the daunting process of grading to HDR, which requires no more processing muscle than SDR, but which demands purchasing either a prohibitively expensive HDR monitor or OLED TV and an expensive i/o box or (2) capturing in HLG, a less than ideal format developed for broadcast by the BBC and NHK.

Now, Canon offers a third option, HDR PQ, that you can shoot, upload directly to YouTube and watch on an HDR television or any portable device that has HDR.

HDR, which allows you to see the full dynamic range the sensor is capable of rather than  the paltry six stops of rec. 709,  is the biggest revolution since the talkies, and is of greater significance than ever-increasing resolutions – and unlike 8K, it requires no more storage space than ordinary SDR video!

Because of the increased local contrast of HDR, images will appear to have much more clarity and detail. Good news for YouTubers, too – HDR videos uploaded to the popular video sharing platform look leagues better than SDR.

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