My Biggest Takeaway From Tony Northrup’s R5 Video

Screen shot from Tony Northrup’s R5 video uploaded to YouTube in 8K. His patterned shirt is prone to moire hell, a tough test for video. Moire, aliasing and jagged edges are among the worst offenders when it comes to image quality. If moire is destroying your video, no 12-bit RAW, C-log3 or ALL-I can save it.

Takeaway #1: We’ve already seen the spectacular image quality the R5 is capable of, particularly in the portraiture of Irene Rudnyk. But it told us nothing about how detailed and artifact-free video capture is with the R5. The shirt Tony is wearing is virtually free of any video nasties. Hurrah! Apparently, the oversampled 4K HQ 30p and 16-point lowpass filter, which provides separation in eight radial directions, achieve precisely what Canon claims: artifact-free, highly detailed images.

Below, a grab from the very same video, shot with the RP. Not only the horrific moire, but the false detail in the entire image make it look like a cheap camcorder.

Takeaway #2: I’m grateful to Tony for uploading in 8K, but unless you have a really good Internet connection, you’ll have a hard time playing it in full resolution without hiccups.

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