Sony a7s III

I worried that without an optical low pass filter, the 12 megapixel sensor of the a7s III would suffer from artifacts that are all but impossible to remove in post. But Sony claims their new processor is supposed to help suppress moire and artifacts, and after watching Manny Ortiz’s video I was speechless at how crisp the 4K 120p is (and, unlike the footage in 99% of other a7s III reviews, not hideously over-sharpened) and miraculously, as the camera rotates around Manny as he’s photographing a model, it’s nigh impossible to see any aliasing in the ribbing of Manny’s backpack. It does say SOOC, so great colors, too! Bravo, Sony!

On the other hand, S&Q HD 240fps footage has gobs of false detail and moire. HD 24p to 60p are pixel binned, HD 120p is pixel binned and lineskipped, 240p is further pixel binned and lineskipped (to 1420 x 804).

And I’ll throw in iJustine’s video just because it’s so entertaining.

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  1. It finally has IBIS.
    The price is huge but you would be able to use your Sony lenses.

    The R6 seems to be a very good product but with some little video limitations. The A7SIII is a video product with the minimum of the limitations for its size.

    1. I like what I’m seeing. High frame rates look great. Colors maybe a touch better than a7 III… Low light is incredible… Canon glass is expensive, huh? Have no idea what they’re gonna charge for the a7s III in Vietnam. 😳

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