a7s III HDR10 Grading Breakdown

Grading tools in Final Cut Pro may be seriously limited when compared to DaVinci Resolve but that doesn't mean there's not a whole lot that can still be done to improve the look of your videos. Up till now, I haven't done any grading of my HDR videos at all (apart from neutralizing the green... Continue Reading →

ProRes 422 or HEVC?

In our untiring commitment to being the ultimate resource for those seeking factual information on uploading HDR videos to YouTube, we’ve added another comparison that aspires to settle the question: should you be transcoding XAVC S-I to HEVC or to ProRes 422 when uploading to YouTube? This 10-second clip took 83 seconds to finish processing... Continue Reading →

a7s III Slow Motion Sample Footage

This morning when I woke up I was greeted with a brainless comment on one of my YouTube videos basically saying that Sony colors suck and that the Venice is the only Sony camera with decent colors. I promptly deleted the comment, but rather than making another rant video, I thought I'd just upload a... Continue Reading →

BMD UltraStudio 4K Mini Fan Noise

Some have complained of fan noise from the UltraStudio 4K Mini, so I'm sharing a recording of the sound, first from right up against the unit, then after sitting at my desk just a couple feet away. Compared to my MacBook Pro and LaCie hard drives, the unit is virtually silent. Blackmagic Design UltraStudio 4K... Continue Reading →

S-Log3 or ProRes RAW HQ?

This is just a superficial comparison between Sony a7s III S-Log3 and ProRes RAW HQ. Jump here for a more in-depth appraisal. Because I was recording them simultaneously, one internally, the other to a Ninja V, I had to settle on a compromise exposure. For S-Log3, I normally use the camera's own zebras set to... Continue Reading →

Tip for Better Color

After spending an extra hour correcting the green tint on my latest video, I thought I'd try out a tip from Gerald Undone that he posted on Twitter the other day. Video coming shortly!

Big Sur: UltraStudio 4K Mini Glitchy

After installing Big Sur (at last, Safari 4K HDR!), the dreaded spinning beachball of doom appeared anytime I tried doing anything at all in Final Cut Pro 10.5. Unplugging my UltraStudio 4K Mini, things returned to normal, so I was certain the device was the culprit. I'd already updated to the latest 12.0 beta firmware,... Continue Reading →

N°14 Ton That Dam

This colorful French colonial-era apartment tucked away at 14 Ton That Dam street in Saigon's district 1 is home to some chic cafes and boutiques and happens to be a great spot for shooting video and grabbing a bite to eat.

DaVinci Resolve 17

For a limited time, purchasers of DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 will receive a free DaVinci Resolve Speed Editor (value $295.00), reason enough to upgrade for many. For me though, it’s all about the new HDR grading tools. When working in Final Cut, I make my basic adjustments (till now I haven’t done any proper grading!)... Continue Reading →

What’s Going On

I had a shoot yesterday where I was recording ProRes RAW HQ using the 135mm GM and the look’s nothing less than incredible, as you can imagine, the only problem being, with this combination the camera had to be mounted on a tripod. Which is why I’m looking into one of the new DJI gimbals... Continue Reading →

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