a7s III Slow Motion Sample Footage

This morning when I woke up I was greeted with a brainless comment on one of my YouTube videos basically saying that Sony colors suck and that the Venice is the only Sony camera with decent colors. I promptly deleted the comment, but rather than making another rant video, I thought I’d just upload a few seconds from today’s shoot, which also gave me my first opportunity to try out a little slow motion with the a7s III. I haven’t yet graded any of my HDR videos – not in the sense of doing any secondary color correction anyhow – but I did spend a few extra seconds playing with the color wheels this time to remove most of the green tint that still plagues practically all of my footage (even after dialing in color phase +2 in picture profile), but which isn’t difficult at all to fix. I also boosted saturation more than usual – which I rather like the look of – and I’ll probably continue to do so in the future. Even though this clip was shot at ISO 640, it is rather noisy and would definitely have benefited from noise reduction. As a matter of fact, I just uploaded a video to YouTube comparing different combinations of noise reduction/sharpening with ProRes RAW HQ – and I guess I’ll have to do the same test all over again with S-Log3! I can’t wait till the local shops here get the Speed Editor so I can make the switch to Resolve Studio, with its superior HDR grading tools.

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