Big Sur: UltraStudio 4K Mini Glitchy

After installing Big Sur (at last, Safari 4K HDR!), the dreaded spinning beachball of doom appeared anytime I tried doing anything at all in Final Cut Pro 10.5. Unplugging my UltraStudio 4K Mini, things returned to normal, so I was certain the device was the culprit. I’d already updated to the latest 12.0 beta firmware, but this pop-up appeared every time I launched Desktop Video:

However, when I clicked on ‘update’, I got the following message. 😳

I tried uninstalling the Desktop Video drivers and installing the app again, after which A/V Output in Final Cut was greyed out. If this should happen to you, here’s the solution:

Do not install Desktop Video 12.0 Beta 1 Update unless your machine is running the new Apple M1 processor. Install ver. 11.7 instead.

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