Debunked: Sonys Suck in Mixed Lighting

We hear repeated online the lie that Sonys are dreadful in mixed lighting, so we set about to disprove this fallacy, recording in a cafe illuminated by daylight and tungsten. Of course, they'll say it's gotta be a mix of tungsten, halogen, neon, fluorescent and daylight and HLG3 at ISO 50 or some other such... Continue Reading →

Monster Guide: HDR10 in Resolve Studio 17 (Part V) RAW

Part I: Project settings Part II: Color correction Part III: HDR Palette, project render settings Part IV: HDR to SDR Conversion LUT for YouTube Part V: RAW Part VI: The Grade Part VII: Addendum Part VIII: The State of HDR Film Emulation LUTs & Plugins Part IX: Why HDR Production Monitors Matter Exposure is critical. Avoid blown-out highlights and overexposed skin at... Continue Reading →

Bad, Bad Final Cut Pro

We just finished recording some more test footage, first to determine whether it's true that Sony sucks in mixed lighting (it doesn't) and secondly, to get to the bottom of why ProRes 4444 looks great in DaVinci Resolve but terrible in Final Cut Pro. XAVC S-I is evenly matched when it comes to terribleness in... Continue Reading →

RAW Power!

In the video, we demonstrate one way to create depth and contrast for HDR in a hopelessly cramped living space (16 m2) using lighting modifiers - specifically the Nanlite Projection Mount and Aputure Lantern Softbox - along with the Nanlite Forza 300 and Forza 60. Nanlite PJ-FZ60-19, Forza 60 We've spared no effort in order... Continue Reading →

Big Announcement!

Now that we were able at last to get our hands on an Arca Swiss QR plate and SmallRig swivel and tilt monitor mount for the Tilta a7s III cage, we've got a very portable setup leaving us no more excuses not to shoot RAW with the Ninja V. So in the coming months, expect... Continue Reading →

Sony Crushing It!

Leaked images of upcoming Sony 14mm f/1.8. Source: Nokishita The 12-24mm GM, 14mm GM, 20mm f/1.8 G, 24mm GM, 35mm GM, 50mm GM and 135mm GM are each indisputably the very finest instruments in their class - smaller, lighter, sharper, quieter and faster than any of the competition. We feel really sorry for all the... Continue Reading →

Color Space

All reputable television and monitor reviewers publish color accuracy tests for both Rec.709 and Rec.2020. Isn’t it time for camera reviewers to do the same?

Not Blackmagic

They seem to be everywhere, spamming the comments section of review after review with their cult-like nonsense about Blackmagic being the best camera at any price, with image quality rivaling Arri. Well first, let’s note that most of us - if we’re fortunate to be employed at all - are doing documentaries, travel and nature... Continue Reading →

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