Resolve 17 HDR Tools (in HDR!)

Of the hundreds of videos on YouTube promising to demonstrate the spectacular new features in DaVinci Resolve 17, nearly all are in low dynamic range. It’s our belief that those who’ve only watched the LDR tutorials are really being deprived of understanding just how powerful new tools like the Color Warper and HDR Color Palette really are. The couple of times we’ve asked content creators about this, the reply has always been the same, “just change the color space to HDR!”, as if all that was necessary was to change the color space from rec.709 to HDR. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Not to mention that the visual impact of HDR is several orders of magnitude more impressive. Our own viewers have requested video tutorials but there are several obstacles: QuickTime can’t record the screen in HDR, and even if it could, our GUI is an ordinary MacBook LDR display; the timeline and viewer in DaVinci Resolve show graded footage as log, not HDR; and if in spite of that, we were to do a screen recording anyhow, the LDR clip would appear dark indeed when mixed with HDR footage. But none of these hurdles deterred Samuel Bilodeau from trying, and the results are stunning.

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