Not Blackmagic

They seem to be everywhere, spamming the comments section of review after review with their cult-like nonsense about Blackmagic being the best camera at any price, with image quality rivaling Arri. Well first, let’s note that most of us – if we’re fortunate to be employed at all – are doing documentaries, travel and nature films, product photography, YouTube videos, music videos, corporate, training videos, wedding, real estate, fashion and beauty, food or fitness videos, not Hollywood blockbusters or Netflix Originals. Let’s also dispel the notion that YouTube is somehow inferior: an HDR video seen on a 65” OLED TV is going to shred to pieces any 2K 48 nit (or less) projection seen in a movie theater anywhere in the world. It won’t be long before projectors become museum pieces. And with practically any of today’s cameras, how good a film looks is going to come down to the individual’s own skills.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, in situations where you require full frame, outstanding low light performance, IBIS, the world’s fastest, quietest, most accurate autofocus with eye-detection even at 4K 120 frames per second, coupled with some of the very best glass on the planet, a fully articulating screen, proven reliability, full XLR inputs, extraordinary battery life and dual card slots, all in a tiny package, the FX3 slaughters the BMPCC 6K Pro. In other words, when it comes to audio, ergos, high frame rates, media, user autonomy, glass, autofocus, dynamic range, rolling shutter and circumstances where you either need to film yourself or use a gimbal, the FX3 is superior. And of course, when you need a B cam to an FX6 or FX9!

Furious at Netflix for not approving their camera, 6K Pro owners accuse the streaming giant of taking bribes or illogically claim that Netflix only looks at specs.

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