Rethinking HDR Film Emulation LUTs & Plugins

Since re-evaluating Nikolaj Pogněrebko’s RAW Convertor, the app that converts ProRes RAW to cDNG in order to be able to maintain a RAW workflow in DaVinci Resolve, we’ve been thinking lately that many HDR film emulation LUTs and plugins are also inadequate from a color management perspective, requiring far too much time and effort to... Continue Reading →

Canon EOS C700 Mark II + REDCODE RAW?

This rumor is too wild! A Canon EOS C700 Mark II with user swappable sensor (s35 5K global shutter/FF 8K DGO rolling shutter), a new gamma curve designed expressly for HDR (!), the ability to shoot XF-AVC, ProRes and Cinema RAW Light internally, BRAW and ProRes RAW with the Blackmagic Video Assist and Atomos Ninja... Continue Reading →

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