Canon EOS C700 Mark II + REDCODE RAW?

This rumor is too wild! A Canon EOS C700 Mark II with user swappable sensor (s35 5K global shutter/FF 8K DGO rolling shutter), a new gamma curve designed expressly for HDR (!), the ability to shoot XF-AVC, ProRes and Cinema RAW Light internally, BRAW and ProRes RAW with the Blackmagic Video Assist and Atomos Ninja... Continue Reading →

HDR Is Just a Fad

Color film presents an interesting challenge and has some potential advantages, but I’m not sure that current B&W film stocks are a real drawback — just because the technology allows us to use color doesn’t mean that cinematographers will benefit from it. Synchronized audio also appears to be a solution looking for a problem. Talkies... Continue Reading →

Michael Zink and Michael Smith Receive the Journal Certificate of Merit for “On the Calculation and Usage of HDR Static Content Metadata”

Michael Zink and Michael Smith received the Journal Certificate of Merit for their paper "On the Calculation and Usage of HDR Static Content Metadata,” published in the SMPTE Motion Imaging Journal in August 2021. After analyzing over 200 titles from Warner Brothers' catalogue, they proposed a method for calculating the static metada for HDR10 content... Continue Reading →

LG OLED TVs Still #1 for Colorists

Among all manufacturers in 2022, only LG Electronics provides full 3D LUT calibration and HDR tone curve adjustment capabilities, which is the main reason why LG OLEDs are the most popular consumer televisions used as client reference monitors in grading suites and are indeed the only ones recommended by Dolby in the Dolby Vision best... Continue Reading →

HDR Peak Brightness

When Dolby conducted a study of viewer preferences for luminance levels of specular highlights and emissive sources to determine the dynamic range needed to display HDR content, it was found that the average preferred maximum luminance for highlight reproduction satisfying 50% of viewers is ∼2,500 cd/m2, increasing to just over 20,000 cd/m2 when catering to... Continue Reading →

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