VMWare Fusion 13 Offers Native Support for Apple Silicon Macs!

This is huge!

VMWare Fusion has announced that their software now supports both Intel and Apple silicon Macs, allowing users to access Windows 11 virtual machines. As of this writing, Intel Macs offer full support for Windows 11 while Fusion 13 on Apple Silicon is only the first round of features with more to come in future updates. Apple Silicon Macs must run the Arm variant of Windows 11 and it doesn’t support the x86/Intel version of Windows. Neither ColourSpace nor Calman, two of the leading companies offering calibration solutions for monitors and consumer televisions, are compatible with macOS, necessitating running virtual Windows. We used VMWare Fusion 12 on our previous Intel MacBook Pro to calibrate our LG CX with Calman and were very happy with how easy it was to install and work with.

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  1. if Macbooks and the macOs would be like Windows 10 (2) then they would be the best computers and laptops ever with their screens and SOCs but the way it’s a more different system compared to Windows and how it’s hard to make a cross platform software that works on Windows and macOS, Windows takes the cake, for me.

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