HDR Is Just a Fad

  1. Color film presents an interesting challenge and has some potential advantages, but I’m not sure that current B&W film stocks are a real drawback — just because the technology allows us to use color doesn’t mean that cinematographers will benefit from it.
  2. Synchronized audio also appears to be a solution looking for a problem. Talkies might work in a few scenes with dialogue, but that’s far from the norm today.
  3. Large format is currently being touted as the next big thing, but cinema’s always managed to provide excellent images in s35 and even 16mm. What I don’t particularly care for is the current tendency to use large format as another selling point.
  4. My gut feeling is that we’re in danger of using technology for its own sake instead of providing genuine improvements in the cinema experience. HDR poses a real danger, stemming from the attitude that ‘if it’s new it must be great’. We must vigorously stave off efforts to replace the beloved low con 2K 48-nit images that have been our bread and butter for generations and attempts to force us to learn how to tell compelling stories in the new format. Let these radical tech-loving savages learn how to use a light meter first!

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    1. Even the great Mitch Bogdanowicz, who worked at Kodak for 32 years, doesn’t sit around lamenting the death of low con limited gamut SDR. Among many other projects, he’s part of a team of researchers, engineers and scientists working on multi-primary displays that can reproduce a much greater range of colors than traditional film prints were ever capable of.

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