a7s III: Insanely Beautiful 4K HDR!

This video takes us for a leisurely early morning stroll around the Bund, a waterfront area and protected historical district in central Shanghai. It was shot in HLG3, 4K 60p with the Sony 20mm f/1.8 G lens and audio was captured with the Sony ECM-B1M shotgun microphone. To the best of my knowledge, this is... Continue Reading →

a7s III: Hands-On

I had a chance to play with the a7s III a little bit this morning and to be honest, I'm not overly fond of the new ergonomics: the locking mode and exposure compensation dials are a nuisance; the doors that cover the ports and the rear LCD could have larger indentations or something more substantial... Continue Reading →

a7s III: Fashion Shoot + Workflow

In one of my favorite a7s III videos yet, Dale Sood takes us through his workflow for the fashion short ALUAD. Remarkably, after watching Brandon Li's "Crossroads" video and testing out the camera's profiles to see how the model’s skin tones responded to each of them, he decided to shoot in Standard rather than the more... Continue Reading →

Rant: 16-Bit RAW

I’ve already made my aversion to external recording solutions known in plenty of previous posts: they add bulk, require additional power solutions, cables, SSDs, magic arms and a cage - unless you’re one of the cool guys willing to gamble on mounting one directly to the hot shoe of the camera! Firmware updates to older... Continue Reading →

a7s III: Why No 16-Bit RAW?

Atomos explains: Now, when it comes to some cameras, why do we record 12-bit log from them? Isn't 16-bit linear better? Well, not really. The distribution of stops in code values is fairly inefficient with linear data. Log data makes much better use of the available code values and distributes the stops evenly across the... Continue Reading →

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