MicroLED Is A Pipe Dream

For a while now, any time OLED television sets are mentioned, online commenters raise the spectre of burn-in and suggest waiting for microLED, which they insist is just around the corner. Like OLED, microLED is a self-emissive technology capable of true blacks, infinite contrast and outstanding viewing angles but with a brighter output than OLED without the risk of burn-in. However, the reality is that microLED displays exhibited at trade shows have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, none are being mass produced and consumer models won’t be viable for at least another five to ten years, if ever, according to Vincent Teoh. In addition, some of the panels being marketed at microLED are not micro at all, as pixel pitch is in the neighborhood of 0.9 mm. As far as I’m concerned, as long as 55″ OLED televisions can be had for as little as US $1,500.00 (20% of the cost of an Apple Pro Display XDR with nano textured glass, stand and AppleCare!), I would just stick with OLED and replace it every five years if it develops burn-in.

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