a7s III: Why No 16-Bit RAW?

Atomos explains:

Now, when it comes to some cameras, why do we record 12-bit log from them? Isn’t 16-bit linear better? Well, not really. The distribution of stops in code values is fairly inefficient with linear data. Log data makes much better use of the available code values and distributes the stops evenly across the board.

Because of this, a 16-bit linear image can be converted into 12-bit log without any noteworthy loss of information or quality. At the same time, we save a lot in file sizes, and with that, storage space. This in turn allows us to record longer onto our SSD in our Atomos and spend less time on backup and transferring data.

If that doesn’t sound convincing, how about this: as of this writing, the least expensive device that might be able to record 16-bit RAW from the a7s III is the 17″ Atomos Neon, which runs US $4,000 and weighs ten pounds. hehe

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