a7s III: Hands-On

I had a chance to play with the a7s III a little bit this morning and to be honest, I’m not overly fond of the new ergonomics: the locking mode and exposure compensation dials are a nuisance; the doors that cover the ports and the rear LCD could have larger indentations or something more substantial to grab onto; the new memory card door is ridiculous; the function buttons have a fraction more travel but still feel mushy; the handgrip could be larger; the menu layout is tiny to the extreme and just as confusing as before (even the Sony representative had difficulty navigating it!); and it’s aggravating that the digital level gauge still can’t be accessed on the main display – but the EVF is insanely good, and the strap eyelets no longer make an annoying clatter! My camera should be available by the second week of October.

Autofocus was set to track the camera, not the customer’s face; exposure for the customer, I let the cabinets blow out.
Before and after grading.

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