No More 23.98

A group of industry professionals spearheaded by JayDee Vandenberg, Director of Post Production at Walt Disney Animation Studios, is calling for the electronic display industry to begin to phase out support for fractional frame rates over time so that content can be displayed at its intended frame rate. According to the people behind the request,... Continue Reading →

DaVinci Resolve 17 Highlight Bug

Highlight tool doesn't work when using the HDR panel in Resolve. Surprised it's been out for so long and no one has caught this. X-Rite WB Card Power Window + Highlight Tool Adjusting Global wheel in HDR tools breaks highlighter. Adjusting Offset wheel in Primaries, highlight behaves normally.

Ditching the Video Look

Stuff we're doing differently now from the past: during shooting, avoiding yellow in false color entirely except for specular highlights (aside from the infrequent occasions when we want to purposely blow out highlights); in post, being meticulous about adjusting white balance prior to color correction, even if it's just a few degrees; adjusting yellow, blue,... Continue Reading →

Colloid 2.0 Resolve Plug-In for Colorists

Cullen Kelly is a Los Angeles-based senior colorist with credits spanning film, television, and commercials, for clients and outlets including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Microsoft, American Airlines, and Apple. He is also the creator of Colloid 2.0, a custom suite of Resolve plug-ins for working colorists. Colloid 2.0 has been overhauled with a streamlined UI for... Continue Reading →

The Future of HDR

"Technical details aside, the most important thing to understand about HDR is that it doesn’t represent an enhancement as much as the removal of an artificial limitation. In the realm of human vision and physical light, high dynamic range is a default condition, not an added gimmick". - Cullen Kelly In his article entitled 'Three Predictions... Continue Reading →

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