Comic Book Superheroes and Villains Overtake YT

If you thought that florid travel and nature clips and garish demos for showroom floors dominated the list of the top ten HDR videos on YouTube, think again! Movie clips featuring popular comic book characters like the Joker, Batman and Shazam and pop culture icon Godzilla are killing it. Scenes from Joker (64M), Justice League (53M) and Shazam! (33M) are just a few of the dozens of titles shared by Flashback FM that have been watched and re-watched by tens of millions of viewers. As of this writing, Flashback FM has raked in an impressive 5.7 billion views. While targeted predominantly at fans of DC comic book heroes, the channel is a valuable resource for those craving HDR content that isn’t nauseatingly gaudy or virtually indistinguishable from SDR (like 99% of Netflix shows). Michael Bay’s trashy ‘6 Underground’ is one of just a handful of titles in the streamer’s catalogue that appears to have escaped the deplorable industry-wide practice of making the HDR master conform to the narrow confines of SDR color and contrast.

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