Jeromy Young: Wrong Place, Wrong Time

A report dated July 13th with the headline ‘Millionaire fined after allegedly fleeing covid-ravaged NSW on superyacht’ reads:

A Melbourne millionaire and his crew have been fined more than $16,000 by police after they used a superyacht to escape to the Gold Coast from covid-ravaged Sydney.

Jeromy Young, 44, the founder and director of video tech company ATOMOS, was caught just days after he docked his 34-metre, $4 million superyacht Dreamtime at Southport marina last week.

Maritime Safety Queensland (MSQ) manager Angus Mitchell said Mr Young, his personal assistant, the skipper and an engineer had provided “false and misleading information” on their declaration cards to access the Gold Coast marina on July 7.

“The message is clear, if you have been in a Covid-19 hot spot and you cross our maritime border, you will be intercepted and face the consequences,” he said in a statement”.

According to other sources, upon stepping down as Atomos CEO back in February 2021, Jeromy Young sold off 10 million shares of his stock, netting over him $10 million.

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