Colloid 2.0 Resolve Plug-In for Colorists

Cullen Kelly is a Los Angeles-based senior colorist with credits spanning film, television, and commercials, for clients and outlets including Netflix, HBO, Hulu, Microsoft, American Airlines, and Apple. He is also the creator of Colloid 2.0, a custom suite of Resolve plug-ins for working colorists. Colloid 2.0 has been overhauled with a streamlined UI for more intuitive and precise control and faster performance and features next-gen synthetic print stocks purpose-built for HDR and wide gamuts. It’s compatible with DaVinci Resolve Studio 17 and later. There is a free 7-day trial, including for users who’ve tried previous versions. The Master Bundle consists of all Colloid tools: Print, Exposure, Points, Contrast Plus and Saturation Plus and the download includes: five user-adjustable DaVinci Resolve OpenFX DCTLs with automatic installer, PowerGrades for recommended node tree and free product updates for the life of the subscription. There is no renewal commitment – you can cancel your subscription at any time. A monthly subscription runs $99.00, quarterly is $249.00 and yearly is $899.00. If you’re after an analog, photochemical vibe, these might be the tools you’ve been looking for.

While I’ve still got to learn to tame the contrast, the skin tones are much more pleasing than what I was able to achieve using temp/tint, hue vs. hue, the color wheels and and color warper.

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