RED Komodo Noise Revisited

No, you're not having flashbacks, we've covered this before. But since we were testing out our shiny new Meike T2.1 50mm s35 prime, we thought we'd take the Komodo's auto WB for another spin. And just like our other footage where we dialed in our own Kelvin, it looks like there is indeed an unmistakable... Continue Reading →

RED: How ISO Works

Clarity and conciseness are such rare commodities these days! Nowhere has this been more evident than in the deluge of muddled videos cluttering YouTube since the release of firmware update 2.00 that adds Cine EI to the Sony FX3. Whenever possible, when searching for reliable information, it’s usually preferable to go straight to the source,... Continue Reading →

As Easy as Using an iPhone

It's so liberating to be able to view the false color guides and histogram, adjust white balance, ISO and aperture, pull focus, change the aspect ratio and frame rate and format media - all with an iPhone.

RED Komodo at ISO 250

Because of its higher contrast, noise is much more visible in HDR - a fact ignored by camera reviewers - and what may be acceptable in SDR might very well turn out to be unsatisfactory when mastering in PQ ST 2084. CVP shoots their B-roll with the Komodo set to ISO 250 for the cleanest... Continue Reading →

Cine EI in a Nutshell

Since Sony firmware update 2.00 for the FX3, a bunch of videos have popped up on YouTube trying to explain how Cine EI works but most miss the mark. Alister Chapman has written a virtual encyclopedia on the subject but it will make your eyes glaze over before you lapse into a permanent coma. Hopefully,... Continue Reading →

Best Budget Rear ND Solution for the RED Komodo?

After poring over dozens of reviews and watching countless comparisons on YouTube, we think we’ve finally landed upon an ND filter adapter and drop-in filter system that (1) is compatible with the RED Komodo; (2) whose solid NDs have remarkably neutral color rendition; and (3) that won’t break the bank. Kolari is asking $224.99 for... Continue Reading →

The Spin Machine in Action

We've gathered together a bunch of titles of some of the most popular YouTube reviews of the Sony a7s III and the RED Komodo for your reading enjoyment. A suspiciously high number of a7s III reviews include the word 'perfect' while most of the Komodo ones concentrate on price, often vastly exaggerating the true cost... Continue Reading →

How Improper WB Hurts DR

We were aware that shooting with the incorrect white balance reduces dynamic range, but we never understood why this is so - until now. For those thinking that this doesn’t apply to raw video, we highly recommend checking out the heated exchange in the comments section of Alister Chapman’s blog post on the subject.

RIP Sony a7s III It doesn’t appear to be getting the attention it deserves, but Sony’s firmware update 2.00 for the FX3, their popular entry-level cinema camera, just rendered the a7s III obsolete. In an effort to better integrate the the FX3 with the rest of their cinema lineup that includes the FX6, FX9 and Sony Venice cameras,... Continue Reading →

Motion Cadence Is BS

Over the years, in the comments section of YouTube sample footage videos, we continue to run across viewers claiming the motion cadence of camera X, Y or Z isn’t cinematic. Motion cadence is a BS term - it has no meaning whatsover. Which is not to say that there aren’t factors that impact our perception... Continue Reading →

RED Control App

The RED Control app gives you access to the functions of the RED Komodo on a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer. Below is the screen that greets you upon opening the app. Tapping on any of the four stars in the bottom left-hand corner opens up different pages or tabs. The large red button labeled... Continue Reading →

RED Komodo: Versatility

Balancing the RED Komodo paired with the Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM on a DJI RS 2 was easy peasy! In fact, it required much less time to balance than the a7s III with the Ninja V. As can be seen in the photo below, there is a ton of clearance between the... Continue Reading →

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