RED: How ISO Works

Clarity and conciseness are such rare commodities these days! Nowhere has this been more evident than in the deluge of muddled videos cluttering YouTube since the release of firmware update 2.00 that adds Cine EI to the Sony FX3. Whenever possible, when searching for reliable information, it’s usually preferable to go straight to the source, which is why we recommend watching Calman tech evangelist Tyler Pruitt’s tutorial on calibrating the LG CX with Portrait Displays above all others in our guide to HDR. It’s also why, when we’re looking for valuable insights into the often perplexing world of color grading, we seek out the recommendations of recognized experts in the field like Cullen Kelly. Likewise, prior to publishing his excellent video explaining how ISO works with RED cameras, Mark A. Jaeger approached none other than the inventor of REDCODE Graeme Nattress for feedback, and it shows.

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