RED Control App

The RED Control app gives you access to the functions of the RED Komodo on a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Below is the screen that greets you upon opening the app. Tapping on any of the four stars in the bottom left-hand corner opens up different pages or tabs. The large red button labeled Komodo A is the record button.

Tapping once on any of the tiles can turn a feature on/off (peaking, for example) or open up another window, allowing you to make changes (see color temperature below). Tapping on the tile with the green arrow will play back the most recent clip. ISO, color temperature and iris can be quickly changed by just swiping up and down or sideways. Double tapping on the preview window will enlarge the picture to full screen.

Double tapping on any of the tiles lets you add or change functions. There are 45 buttons to choose from for exposure alone!

Ad-hoc mode uses the Komdo’s own Wi-Fi to connect to your phone, tablet or computer. Selecting ‘infrastructure’ allows you to use the existing Wi-Fi in your home, office, studio, or wherever. The app can be accessed by several devices at once.

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  1. Hi Jon,
    Do you still shoot without ND filters outside?
    I struggle to find something good and easy to use.
    Variable ones are always a fail from what I could try.

    1. Good question! I prefer fixed NDs to variable ND filters, too. I haven’t settled on a solution yet so I’m just avoiding shooting in bright light for now. I seldom used NDs with the a7s III, either. Not that I’m considering buying one, but the Canon variable ND RF to EF adapter isn’t even available in Vietnam – and neither are any of the reputable fixed NDs by Breakthrough, B+W or the rest. PolarPro has an authorized distributor here, though purchasing through them usually means placing a special order. The Revolva looks like the best solution but their website says to expect an 8-week wait and it’s hard to justify spending over $1,500 for a non-monetized YouTube channel with only 1,500 subscribers! hehe

  2. Yes, variable NDs are a waist of money, I tried Cokin, Rodenstock and recently Nisi true color 1-5 stops.
    I’m not confident with any of them.
    The Nisi has a very few color casting but its main problem is that the filtration is not homogeneous along the frame (I don’t mean vignetting).

    1. Kolari IRND have fixed stops, and are screwable (quite rare to get the IR cut on screwable NDs).
      May be an option non camera specific.

      1. This system seems good also.
        Still dedicated to high end cameras.
        Serious video is expensive!

      2. Kolari IR ND filters may be a candidates for non specific camera solution.
        Screwable IR ND are quite rare.

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