RIP Sony a7s III

It doesn’t appear to be getting the attention it deserves, but Sony’s firmware update 2.00 for the FX3, their popular entry-level cinema camera, just rendered the a7s III obsolete. In an effort to better integrate the the FX3 with the rest of their cinema lineup that includes the FX6, FX9 and Sony Venice cameras, new log settings and timecode sync support have been introduced; owners can at last bid farewell to S-Log2; and as many as 16 custom LUTs can now be loaded. Of particular interest to us are the new Cine EI/Cine EI Quick modes that more fully exploit the wide dynamic range of S-Log3, though it will doubtless take some time before filmmakers accustomed to shooting under poor lighting conditions and cranking up the ISO learn to appreciate it. Even Katie Eleneke, the hurried presenter in the video, seems to care less about Cine EI. To find out why Cine EI is such a big deal, check out this article.

Advantages FX3

Removable top handle with XLR inputs
Integrated 1/4″-20 mounting threads
Fan for active cooling, longer shooting times, like true cinema cameras have
Multiple tally lights on front and back
Improved button layout, zoom rocker
Cine EI, Cine EI Quick modes
Embedded LUT and EI (exposure) metadata to assist with post-production workflow
Preset LUTs, ability to load as many as 16 user LUTs
Timecode sync
New list-style main menu screen which provides quick access to frequently used items ​
Instant Function (Fn) menu display by swiping up on the screen
New standby movie screen provides an unobstructed view of the subject
AF (autofocus) assist function to smoothly switch between auto and manual focus

Advantage a7s III


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