The Spin Machine in Action

We’ve gathered together a bunch of titles of some of the most popular YouTube reviews of the Sony a7s III and the RED Komodo for your reading enjoyment. A suspiciously high number of a7s III reviews include the word ‘perfect’ while most of the Komodo ones concentrate on price, often vastly exaggerating the true cost of owning a RED, whereas we’ve shown that it’s entirely possible to make the Komodo a fully functional camera for less than USD $7,200.00, excluding lenses. Meanwhile, an a7s III kit that bundles together an Atomos Ninja V, a 1TB SSD, a power kit, a USB to SATA adapter, a monitor mount and an HDMI cable along with a Tilta cage and handle will run around $4,800. Our favorites from each category are Gerald Undone’s outrageous “The Sony a7s iii: A Technical MASTERPIECE!” and Alexandru Don’s idiotically titled “Red Komodo Review – Is it any good!?”

Sony A7S III REVIEW // The Perfect Camera? Sony A7s iii Review – The Perfect Camera?? Sony a7siii – BEST CAMERA in 2022? Sony A7S III: The Perfect Camera for Real Estate Sony a7s III – World’s Best Camera Full Review 4K 120fps Sony A7SIII Review | Perfect Camera for Hybrid Shooters? Sony A7s iii: The Perfect Camera? Sony A7SIII – The Best Mirrorless Video camera. The SONY a7S III: A Technical MASTERPIECE! Sony A7SIII Preview | Is this the PERFECT video camera? The BEST Video Camera (2021) | Sony a7S III Review Sony a7S III Long-term Review: Best video camera for YouTubers Sony a7S III — The Best Camera I’ve Ever Used

is the RED KOMODO WORTH IT? Review after one year. Is the Red Komodo still worth it 6 Months Later? Is the Red Komodo Worth it? I bought a REAL Cinema Camera… Was it worth it? Is the RED KOMODO still worth it? | The 9-Month REVIEW! Is the RED KOMODO Worth The Hype? Red Komodo 6k HANDS ON // Is it worth the HYPE? Everything You NEED for a RED KOMODO | Is It WORTH THE PRICE? Are Cinema Cameras Worth It In 2021? | RED KOMODO Should You Buy the Red Komodo?? Red Komodo Review – Is it any good!?

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