Best Budget Rear ND Solution for the RED Komodo?

After poring over dozens of reviews and watching countless comparisons on YouTube, we think we’ve finally landed upon an ND filter adapter and drop-in filter system that (1) is compatible with the RED Komodo; (2) whose solid NDs have remarkably neutral color rendition; and (3) that won’t break the bank. Kolari is asking $224.99 for the EF-EOS R Drop-In Filter Mount Adapter with clear filter while individual drop-in NDs are selling for $129.99. The only catch is that, like most other adapters practically everywhere, they’re on backorder. If it turns out that Kolari’s drop-in filters are compatible with Meike’s $159.99 MK-EFTR-C adapter, you can save an additional $65.00 and get a Meike variable ND and clear filter thrown in. Not only that, but Meike’s website says their adapter is now in stock. Regardless of which adapter and drop-in filter you eventually settle on, it’s always a good idea to confirm that they’re in stock before placing your order.

6 thoughts on “Best Budget Rear ND Solution for the RED Komodo?

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  1. Kolari also have screwable IRND filters which I almost bought but finally not because only available in 2 and 5 stops (and then 10 and more which is too much).
    I finally ordered and received a screwable B+W MRC nano pro 0.9 which is 3 stops.
    I’m currently using it. 3 stops is somewhat in the middle when shooting 1h30 after sunrise or 1h30 before sunset at f8 for documentary style.
    I could not always keep 1/50s (for 25p) but if not, was not far.
    What’nice is I can put my lens cap directly on the filter to protect it.
    When back home, if I’m happy with the results, I may have a look at their 2 stops and 6 stops brothers.
    What’s seems nice is that 3 stops at f8 is equal to 6 stops at f2.8 which is my maximum zoom aperture (16-55 f2.8).

    1. What is good with the system you chose is that you can drop a filter quite easily, have no reflections on the filter as on a lens and Kolari sells all stops values with this system.
      I could not order it because it doesn’t exist for Fuji X mount right now.
      Maybe later, knowing that Kolari just released their magnetic filters you put directly on your camera mount but I didn’t like this kind of system, it’s much too close to the sensor, can damage the camera mount (cf Youtube reviews) and certainly a high risk to put dust of the sensor when wan to switch.
      The system you chose is in the middle and seems right ^^

      1. I’m just hoping that the Kolari drop-in filters fit the Meike adapter. If not, there’s no telling when the Kolari one will be in stock.

  2. Time has come I also need to use NDs even if it’s annoying.
    To avoid to overexpose without ND we must increase the shutter speed but it clearly affects the motion.
    Also I avoid to go beyond f8 to avoid diffraction.
    Hope your products will match.

  3. Edit: My latest tests showed that a 3 stops ND is not enough to get 1/50s at f8 and 640 ISO on a summer sunny day 1h30 before sunset and get correct exposure.
    4 stops would be better (and then 3 stops).
    Screwable B+W are only available in 2, 3, 6 and 10 stops.
    I think at least a 4 stops would be good to have.

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